What is included in a comprehensive interior design?

A comprehensive interior design consists of 4 elements

  1. Concept – is a functional-spatial layout with a proposed arrangement of individual interior design elements – furniture, equipment and lighting. The concept also includes a partition wall plan, if walls need to be moved or demolished. Usually, 2 or 3 layouts are prepared. Any subsequent works are based on the selected layout or on a variation of all the layouts. An idea of how the space will look will also be presented at this stage.
  2. Detailed multi-trade design – at this stage, technical documentation relating to structural changes (demolitions, movement of partition walls or door frames), electric and sanitary systems is issued.
  3. 3D visualisations – this is the most pleasant stage for the client. Based on initial visualisations, the final versions are prepared in consultation with the client. The visualisations are photorealistic, which means that they show perfectly what the interiors will look like once the project has been completed.
  4. Detailed design – this is the last and the most demanding stage of the design process. It involves preparation of detailed technical documentation which will serve as the basis for individual tradesmen to execute the project. It is an extensive document with drawings:

– functional-spatial layout
– structural changes
– electricity supply design – sized layout of sockets and switches
– plumbing system design – sized water and sewage supply points
– suspended ceilings, partition wall design
– floor design
– cross-sections – expanded view of walls in individual rooms with furniture, lighting, wall coverings (wallpaper, tiles etc.)
– fixed furniture design (stove, wardrobe, built-in closet)

The drawings are accompanied by a detailed cost estimate for all materials needed for the project (name of material, quantity, price, store where the product can be ordered). At the client’s request, necessary orders are submitted to tried and tested companies we work with.