LILDesign has been in operation since 2012. I established LILDesign especially for clients who treat their house or flat not only as a residential space, but also as a place which provides inspiration and reflects their personality. Thanks to my knowledge, experience and continuously raised qualifications, my interior designs and projects are professional, creative and unique. Knowledge of global trends and participation in international trade events allow me to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

As an interior designer, I am aware of how important a good design is, which is why I always pay attention to the finest details. I focus on functionality, coherence and timeless aesthetics, which has enabled me to complete several dozen interior design projects with great success. I always adjust my vision for the interiors to the client’s needs, fully engaging in its creation. I create beautiful, harmonious spaces, making sure that the client feels safe and comfortable. My projects are not only effective arrangements of pieces of furniture and colours, but most of all – a reflection of a strong sense of aesthetics and functionality. Whether I am working with modern or classic interiors, with a big or small budget, I make sure to present every client with a design which makes their dreams come true, in line with the company’s motto: “live in luxury”.

Beata Wojtylak